SDG Progress Assessment Graphs 2019


About the chart

How much progress has been made on each of the 17 Goals? The length of each bar shows the progress of the country since 2000. If a bar reaches or crosses the 2019 line, the country has made the expected progress to date. However, whether a Goal can be achieved by 2030 depends not only on the distance traveled so far, but also on the pace of progress going forward, as reflected in the Dashboard below.

Regressed since 2000 Progress made since 2000 Progress needed to achieve target in 2030 Insufficient data Evidence Strength

About the chart

How likely is it that the targets will be achieved by 2030, judging by the pace of progress thus far? The dashboard is based on the prediction of 2030 values for indicators under each target.

MAINTAIN progress to achieve target ACCELERATE progress to achieve target REVERSE trend to achieve target Insufficient data

About the chart

Indicators for which the country is “on track” and expected to achieve the target value by 2030 are listed below. The bar chart shows the magnitude of the gap between the predicted and target values of indicators that are not expected to hit the target by 2030. Red bars refer to indicators for which the trend needs to be reversed, and yellow bars to indicators for which progress needs to be accelerated.

ON-TRACK Indicators ACCELERATE progress REVERSE trend

On-track indicators